How To Blend In Well In The Jakarta Night Life Scene

The Jakarta nightlife has a lot to offer to both locals and expats waiting to unwind on a Friday night or to hang out with friends and get wasted on a Saturday. If you are like me, an Asian expat and with ‘medium-level’ party skills, here are some tips that may help you blend in well with the Jakarta crowd.

 Work on that wardrobe.

Jakarta women put a lot of emphasis on their wardrobe. In the hangout places I have been too, I have never seen women who went to a bar underdressed in just jeans and blouse. They always make sure they look feminine, their hair impeccably curled, their sexy dresses revealed their curves and their makeup not carefully done. Look classy with those smoky eyes and luscious lips and never come to a bar with a bare face. For sure you will feel left out.

In terms of wardrobe, black would be the safest choice. Wear black, come in your black haltered dress, a black skimpy dress, a backless dress exposing your sexy frame. Just wear black. This may also be the safest colour for your heels. And yes, do wear heels as you may surely have a problem getting in the club if you are just wearing sneakers or flats.

I have some bad experience regarding this, remembering last year’s unfortunate incident when the X2 staff would not let me in as I am wearing strappy sandals! If you are in this predicament, do not fret. There will always be security guards who would ‘willingly’ rescue you by letting you choose a pair of sandals in their hoard in exchange for an ample amount. In my case, we paid them 150K IDR.


Keep an appropriate eye contact.

As far as I’ve observed, people in Jakarta don’t go to a club to flirt or meet new people so that eye contact for flirting may not be applicable. An exception though for bule males who local girls would love to share an intense sexy dance-cum-mini make out session in front of the crowd. Once, I and my friends went to X2, and the dance session with a male bule and the petite local really took center stage. While they were exchanging torrid kisses, one cannot help but think where they would end up with after the dancing.

Also, the hazy atmosphere created by the blue strobe lights of the club is also a factor that would hinder that mesmerizing gaze of yours to be noticed. I have also observed that partygoers stayed in their crowds and would not attempt making contact with people outside the circle.

When we went to Empirica Club on a Friday night, the crowd is divided in small groups of friends who stayed around their cocktail tables or in those comfy couches enjoying the company of their friends. And oh, Friday night is Ladies’ night in Empirica Club, so free drinks for us!

If you really want to flirt, I think, that a quick rub in the elbow or that accidental bump would be most appropriate. This would be so easy as dance floors on Saturday nights are mostly fully-packed.

And, don’t look at folks doing a sexy dance as if they are lepers, don’t cast a malicious glare at couples sharing extra-hot moves . Be cool. Look as if you don’t care. Look as if the scene is not new to you. This is a club, not a place for prayer, fortunately. (evil grin)


Your dance moves don’t matter.

In general, party people in Jakarta don’t really give a damn who their neighbors are unless maybe, you are a celebrity or a model. So just be who you are. Show those signature dance moves no matter how weird they are. Do your moonwalk or your Watch Me Nae Nae moves while in a black, sexy dress—nobody would care, really. So give it your all. Just make sure you won’t step on another partygoer’s foot. That would be embarrassing!


Some clubs offer free drinks upon payment of the entrance fee, some don’t.

When we went to BATS Shangri-la, we were surprised how tall our beer glasses are in exchange for the 140K IDR entrance fee that we paid. If you are not a beer person, you can also try their other variants on the list.

And by the way, I and my friends love BATS Club, a lot. When we went there, we enjoyed dancing along with the band composed of charming, friendly-looking bules who has an excellent choice of songs for the late 20s and the 30s crowd. Despite its reputation of being the meeting place of DOMS and their girlfriends, the bar proved to be cozy and entertaining, that time.

X2, however, doesn’t give free drinks even on Ladies Night. Basque, on the other hand, gives a free entrance, however, their drinks could be very pricey. I remembered, we had margaritas last time for 90K IDR per glass!


Get that phone inside your bag and don’t take videos or selfies just with anybody. 

Remember, people came to a club to party and thus are free whatever they like to do, to a certain extent. Folks can get wild, men can be nasty or decent women can transform to unimaginable forms with the amount of beer, whisky or wine while partying—the sky is the limit. And thus, to protect everybody’s privacy, guards will always be on the lookout for a suspicious person who aims his/her camera to the crowd. You can, of course, take videos of the performers on stage or take selfies with your friends, but just don’t aim it to other peeps.

 Folks can get wild, men can be nasty or decent women can transform to unimaginable forms with the amount of beer, whisky or wine while partying—the sky is the limit.



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