Three Indonesian Pop Songs That Melted My Heart Away

In my desperate attempt to learn Bahasa, I tried to listen to these Bahasa songs in Youtube and turned on the caption button to, well, broaden my vocabulary.  It turned out, that I did not only learn new words but also like, no love these songs. Appreciating them is, actually, so easy. With a little patience with the language barrier and an open-mind to a new melody, expats and non-Bahasa speakers will surely like these the way that they have melted my heart away.

Asalkan Kau Bahagia by Armada


Source: Facebook 

So, how would an Indonesian react to a cheating partner? He/she would react negatively to the situation, would rant about it, but in the end would accept the reality that the relationship has to end. Asal Kau Bahagia…as long as you’re happy…with your new partner, and you don’t have to lie to me to pretend that you still love me, as the song said.

This song has a friendly, familiar melody that everybody, even non-Bahasa Indonesia speakers can relate to. In one of the forums online, some critics said that the melody reminded them of an F4 song. And yes, it sounded close to an F4 song. However, I think that this piece can stand on its own and deserves its own credit.

Surat Cinta Untuk Starla by Virgoun


Source: Facebook 

This song, basically, is an ode to a beautiful woman, named Starla. The lines are so poetic and sweet. I can ignore the hyperboles and just savour the intensity of the persona’s love.

Takkan habis sejuta lagu

A million songs will not enough

Untuk menceritakan cantikmu

To describe your beauty.

Bila habis sudah waktu ini

If this time is over

Tak lagi berpijak pada dunia

Not stand on this world anymore

And what’s more, the words blended well with the melody of the song, not showing any tenseness and contrived arrangement of words. I wondered though, if the movie, Surat Cinta Untuk Starla is as lovely as its song!

 Dia by Anji


Source: Facebook 

I discovered this song along with the playlist of Indonesian pop songs where Asal Kau Bahagia can be found. It is so easy to fall in love with the singer’s gentle, bedroom voice as he sang praises for ‘her.’ I reckon, the persona in the song is talking about his wife as also portrayed in the video. The violin in the background also contributed to the success of the song and kept a calming effect all throughout.

I especially love the chorus of the song, so catchy and easy to memorize, in such it helped me learn more Bahasa words.

Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia

Oh God, I love her

Ku sayang dia, rindu dia, inginkan dia

I love her, miss her, need her

Utuhkanlah rasa cintaku di hatiku

Please fill full of love in my heart

Hanya padanya, untuk dia

Just for her, for her

In one of my chats to a Filipino friend in the Philippines, I sent the link of Asal Kau Bahagia and Surat Untuk Starla, and guess what, she also loved the songs, too! She even said, they are romantic! The epitome of great music is when it can traverse through language boundaries and can successfully share the experience to the listener. From this definition alone, I can say that these three songs are great. They touched me, a non-Bahasa speaker in the same way as they also touched other people on Youtube who gave great comments about them.








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