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Habits make or break our lives.  And thus, it is very important to follow ones that bring us physical, emotional and psychological success. Not all habits that we grow up work for us anymore, at some point in our lives. We need to change them.

Sometimes, we are caught in between keeping our old lives filled with bad habits, and embracing our new selves. Deconstructing old habits is like shedding off a part of our past selves, which most often we have been accustomed to. But with constant practice and adherence, we can do it. We can let go of the bad and let the good make a difference in our lives!

I have a couple of bad habits which I often rationalize as part of being human. However, through time, circumstances proved to me over and over again, that I have to let them go, as they don’t work for me anymore. (I’m gonna talk about them in my future posts. For sure.) Yes, being human, we are flawed, but I hope we would not have it as a reason not to strive for more of ourselves, to become a better version of our selves.

What about you? What habits would you like to let go? What habits would you like to embrace and cultivate?


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